Who can use the Kontaxio Service?
Only subscribed tenants living in the apartment building where the Kontaxio service is available. We strongly discourage the sharing of your login credentials to your visitors, family members, relatives and friends who do not live in the apartment building for security reasons.
What are the services offered by Kontaxio?
Kontaxio offers the following services. Please note that some Kontaxio enabled buildings may not offer some of the services:
  • Door Cam Service (Subscription based) : allows the tenant to see who is ringing the door bell using a smartphone, tablet or computer. Internet access is required. Note: There is no 2-way audio communications in this service.
  • Smartphone Key / Remote Door Access (available upon approval of registration): allows the tenant to open the building entrance using a smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection.
  • Shared Locker Solution (SLS) (Subscription based): Also known as B.O.S.S or Box Of SurpriseS . A shared locker will be provided in the apartment building and our package managers (PackMans) will collect packages left out in the open and deposit it in the shared locker.
How do I use the Kontaxio door camera service?
  • You will need an Internet connection and a browser. For iPhone users, use the Safari Internet Browser to access the service. For Android users, use the native Internet browser or Goggle Chrome.
  • Your building admin will require you to register a username and password. Wait for your registration to be approved.
  • Upon approval, open your Internet browser and go to https://kontax.io/login
  • Enter your username and password and click the button. Make sure to change the default password.
  • Save the browser page to your homescreen for quick access. We have a web application that can be saved in your homescreen. For Android users, the first time you access the webpage, you will be asked if you want to save / download the web app. Just answer 'YES' and follow the instructions. For iPhone users, you have to manually add the webpage using the "Add to Homescreen" function in your iPhone. Checkout the instructional video below.

What are the important things to remember after signing up for Kontaxio services?
  • The door camera service uses resources every time you access it. Use it only when your doorbell rings. Please note that the doorcam page redirects to the default page after 12 seconds.
  • The Lock/Unlock button is a toggle switch. Tap it only once to unlock the door (for 6 seconds). It will auto lock the door after 6 seconds.
  • If you lost your phone or your device gets hacked or stolen, report it to Kontakme as soon as possible so that we can disable your access to your account. We will provide you with a new user account.
  • You can use your phone instead of your key to open the main door, but we still recommend that you always bring your keys with you.
Can I request for additional user accounts for my housemates?
Your housemates can register online and they need to provide proof that they live in your apartment unit. Please click here to register: https://kontax.io/register .

You can also request to discontinue their access at anytime by sending a disconnect request to customercare@kontax.io.

For security reasons, the service is strictly for tenants only. We do not issue accounts to non-residents of the building.
How do I reset my password if I have forgotten it?
You can reset your password via the login page. There is a button there that allows you to reset your password. Otherwise, please contact your building admin. We will only entertain to reset passwords if the request comes directly from your building admin.
How do I access Kontaxio on my phone's homescreen just like an app?
We have a web application that can be saved in your homescreen. For Android users, the first time you access the webpage, you will be asked if you want to save / download the web app. Just answer 'YES' and follow the instructions. For iPhone users, you have to manually add the webpage using the "Add to Homescreen" function in your iPhone. Checkout the instructional video below.

How does the shared locker service (SLS) work?
A shared locker service is a subscription service which provides the tenant a shared locker in the building where all his/her delivered packages can be kept (for 24 hours) until he/she arrives to pick it up.

Kontakme will provide a handler that will visit the building's premises regularly to check for delivered packages left out in the open.

The handler checks if the packages belong to tenants who are subscribed to the SLS. If the package belongs to an SLS subscribed tenant, the handler deposits the package in the locker. Kontakme will not deposit packages of unsubscribed tenants.

The handler then notifies the tenants in the unit via email.

The tenant receives an email containing a link to the Kontaxio web app.

The tenant opens the web app (using a smartphone and a browser) and a pulsating button will be visible. The pulsating button means that a package has been deposited in the shared locker.

The tenant clicks the pulsating button and the locker page opens. The page contains buttons with numbers corresponding to the locker door. Note that the tenant needs to be infront of the locker to open it. A green button means the locker can be opened. A blue button means you can't open the locker.

Ready to open

Not ready to open. Stay in front of the locker or wave at the motion sensor located at the top of the locker until the button turns green.

The lockers are checked and cleared of over-staying packages every morning and the tenants' web app are reset (pulsating button disappears).

Why do I need to submit a proof of address and a photo ID when I subscribe to the service?
We value the security of our clients. We need to be 100% sure that only tenants of the apartment building have access to the building and the shared lockers.
What is the benefit of using the Shared Locker Service?
The service reduces the possibility of packages being stolen. This is a common problem in New York City apartments that do not have a concierge or doorman service. The shared locker solution is ideal for apartment buildings that have a limited space to install a dedicated mailroom or multiple lockers for each apartment unit.
Will my smartphone ring if someone rings the apartment door bell?
I can see a stranger ringing my door bell, but there seemed to be no way for me to talk using my smartphone to the person at the door intercom?
We understand some tenants may want to talk to the person at the door bell especially if the stranger is annoyingly ringing your door bell. We have reasons to believe you are better off ignoring them if you do not know the person. Removing the 2 way communication can also prevent annoyed tenants from saying something inappropriate that can escalate the situation into a full blown verbal confrontation over the intercom. If it is really necessary to talk to the person at the door, just use the existing voice intercom at your door station.

Positively identifying the person using the door cam is more than enough for you to decide whether you want to unlock the door or not.
Why do I have to pay for the subscription? Aren't these services supposed to be part of the apartment facilities?
This is only true if the your apartment building is not subsidizing the fees. Some building owners subsidize the Kontaxio service and outsource the manpower to Kontakme, while some building owners allow Kontakme to offer the service in their premises independently.

The cost that you are paying covers the following:
1. A handler who visits your apartment lobby to collect packages left out in the open and deposit it inside the lockers.
2. Allows you to access the services through your smartphone
3. Notification that your package has been deposited in the locker.
Can I keep the packages in the locker for extended periods of time until I get back from vacation? I will not be home for a week, but I am planning to order stuff online for delivery while I am away.
No. Our terms of services requires our clients to claim their packages within 24 hours of receiving the email notice from Kontaxio.

We recommend that you inform Kontaxio Customer Care (customercare@kontax.io) that you may need more than 24 hours before you can claim your package.

Kontaxio charges a holding fee of $2/day/package after 24 hours of getting the notification.

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