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smartphone screen shot is a mobile video monitor and remote door access solution that is perfect for multi-tenant residences and apartments.

Trespassing and delivery package theft is a common occurrence in New York City's apartment buildings especially those that do not have a doorman to "guard" the door entrance and the common areas. Majority of the door access control systems used in over 50,000 of New York City's apartment buildings lack the capability to visually confirm who is ringing the doorbell and package thieves know this. They know that by randomly ringing the doorbells, someone is likely to unlock the main door and let them in.

Kontaxio intends to fix the problem by allowing tenants to view the main door area from their smartphones. Kontaxio's solution is an upgrade kit that is integrated into the existing system. There are a few established audio/video door access products and systems that supports audio/video capabilities, access control, large user management capability, and smartphone portability (using the smartphone as an electronic key), but they require changing the existing infrastructure. They are generally expensive and require a lot of time to deploy, maintain and manage, something that most building owners do not have the luxury of.

Kontaxio is the upgrade solution that does all of the above at a fraction of the cost, manpower and effort required to roll-out the service, plus a host of other practical features. Our solution also offers our own brand of user device management which we call the ZerCon feature. ZerCon is short for zero configuration on the user's mobile device making it very user friendly to use and roll out. It is the ideal upgrade solution for building owners and admins who want to add the freedom of mobility to their tenants to be able to control the building's main door, residential gate or common garage door from a smartphone, without sacrificing the security of the whole building and its residents at a cost that they can afford. Whether it is for an apartment or an office building, Kontaxio will fit right in. It is a feature expansion that can be added to most of the existing door intercom solutions in the market today to be able to provide video and portability functions.


It lessens the chances of package thieves from entering a building which is alarmingly becoming very common. The modus operandi of these malicious people would be to randomly and annoyingly ring apartment doorbells. They wait for unsuspecting tenants to open the main door without visually confirming their identity. Giving the tenants the capability to see who is ringing their doorbell is the best option for apartment buildings that do not have a human personnel who visually checks "visitors".
Kontaxio is the perfect add-on for high-rise, multi-level apartment and office buildings that are already equipped with audio (only) intercom systems.
Kontaxio's solution enable tenants to control one or more locks, motorized door openers, or probably almost anything that has an ON & OFF switch in a building. It can also monitor and display door, gate and lock status from the smartphone. We made sure that our solution is compatible with most legacy door access controllers. If your current control access has a push button to open a door, we can work with it.
Most modern apartment and office buildings that are already equipped with audio/video door intercom systems requires the tenant to access the remote video display and control access from a fixed location. Kontaxio's solution easily adds the capability to allow tenants to access the door cam video and unlock the door using any Internet enabled smartphone, tablet or computer.

*Internet connection required

Trivia: People nowadays will likely forget their door keys when they leave the house, but will almost never forget their smartphones.
On top of giving your tenants an extra set of "eyes" for security, giving your tenants the ability to unlock doors or gates from anywhere in the apartment or office is a convenience that will surely make them happy. This translates to better customer satisfaction.
Our very own ZerCon feature which is short for zero configuration means there is no need to perform any technical configuration on the tenant's mobile devices. We made sure that landlords and building admins do not waste time teaching their tenants on how to use the service which can often become a daunting task. Our solution is very easy to use, so easy that anybody who can use an Internet browser can immediately use our door cam service.
Our solution does not require the installation of individual remote video displays in the tenants' unit. It works on current smartphones and tablets as long as there is an Internet connection. This automatically brings down the cost of installation and professional services fees. We also understand that everybody's time is important. For most hard-working building managers and building owners, "time is money". So, we made sure that when our solution is deployed in your building, the building manager does not have to schedule with the tenants any equipment installation activity or hold a long tutorial activity on how to use the service.
Basic System
  • ZerCon feature : zero configuration of user's devices.
  • Online user management tool
  • Auto expiry of access credentials based on pre-assigned date.
  • Supports text broadcast of general information to specific user devices.
  • Supports an online directory and direct phone dial of preferred apartment oriented services (locksmith, painting, food delivery, moving, gas and electricity emergency numbers and superintendent's numbers.)
  • Self-service password facility
  • Can be accessed using any regular Internet browser / username & password protected; no special apps or plug-ins required.
  • Email and phone support
  • Can be used in or out of the apartment / office building; internet access is required.
  • Supports one door camera video feed (does not include two-way audio communication).
  • Controls one door lock
  • Supports real-time monitoring of door/gate lock status
  • One touch door opener with adjustable momentary hold count down timer.
  • Basic user login page
  • Manual kill switch disables smartphone door access control
Optional Features
  • Supports additional door cam video feeds
  • Controls additional door/gate locks
  • Can monitor multiple doors if it is open or close; requires additional equipment (magnetic/proximity sensors)
  • Customized homepage and door cam user interface design.
  • Additional security measures like Intranet use only; cannot be used over the Internet; additional equipment required.
  • On-site support.
  • Monitor and display ambient temperature; ideal for locations with harsh hot and cold weather; additional equipment and development required.
  • We accept feature customizations; additional development costs and annual technical support fees apply.

Note: Building owner is responsible for providing Internet service (at least 5 Mbps upload speed for low door traffic installations), power (120V) , and space for the equipment that will be installed as well as physical access to the building to allow our installers to get in and install the system. Some wiring/cabling activity will be done from the doorbell station at the main door up to the control room where the kontaxio equipment will be installed.


If you own or manage an apartment or office building with some degree of automation to control your door locks and you wish to upgrade your door intercom and access control system to provide portability and security, contact us.

If you are a tenant of an apartment building, or an office tenant in an office building or a resident of a residential complex and you want the capability to see who is ringing your door bell as well as the capability to let your visitors in from your Internet enabled smartphone or tablet, send us the contact information of your landlord or the building admin and we will do the rest.

If you are a system integrator for intercom and camera systems, Kontaxio is a perfect "overlay" solution you can add to your audio/video intercom systems.

Currently available in New York City area only. We will offer the service in other states and other regions very soon. Stay tuned to this page.

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Kontaxio is a spin-off service which employs the same principles used in deploying the services of Kontakme, and that is "Make services easy to use and easy to manage". It is not a complete substitute to existing door intercom and access control products, but a service expansion package to be able to easily provide video security and the convenience of smartphone portability in existing systems.

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